The STFC UK/Australia EO4Agroclimate Programme Perth Workshop and EvokeAg Conference 2024

19th - 22nd February 2024

Perth, WA, Australia
Meeting Docs

EO4agroclimate Programme midway review meeting was held in Perth, Australia on 19-22 February, 2024. Events were designed to give the project teams a chance to meet and discuss further collaborative opportunities in the area of using of Earth Observation (EO) for tackling the international and interdisciplinary challenges of agriculture and climate change.

The agenda was structured to facilitate in-depth discussions, presentations, and collaborative workshops aimed at reviewing progress, sharing key findings, and identifying potential synergies among projects.

  • 19th February 2024 - Main Workshop Day: Activities include welcome and registration, opening remarks with an overview of the EO4agroclimate Programme and objectives of the meeting, followed by project presentations and a collaborative workshop.

  • 20th - 21st February 2024 - EvokeAg 2024 Participation: Delegates encouraged to engage with the wider agrotechnology and EO communities during the EvokeAg event, fostering networking and showcasing our collaborative efforts.

  • 22nd February 2024 - Half-Day Activities and Networking: The event concludes with roundtable discussions on future funding, impact maximization, and strategies for community engagement, followed by an afternoon free for PIs to meet with their Australian project teams.