The UK/Australia Earth Observation AgroClimate Programme

UK Australia EO4AgroClimate Programme

The Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) UK/Australia Earth Observation AgroClimate Programme, also known as EO4AgroClimate, is a £4.5M international EO activity that brings together UK and Australian expertise in space enabled data, technology and modelling capabilities to build new collaborative trade opportunities while also addressing key agricultural, environmental and climate related challenges.

It will use satellite remote sensing data, technology and modelling capabilities to enable farming in both countries to become climate resilient while supporting the UK commitment to cut emissions by 78% by 2035 and to achieve net-zero by 2050.

This programme will demonstrate the application of innovative technologies and techniques developed for space applications which will build collaborative activities that address the following areas:
  • Climate Vulnerability: Applying EO to assess the vulnerability and risk from natural hazards and to provide early warning systems to help preparedness to mitigate the impacts from such events.

  • Food security: Monitoring and modelling crop performance and future viability in a changing climate.

  • Biosecurity: Assessing the global pests, diseases and invasive species threats in a changing climate to understand and prepare for future food uncertainties and to implement smart measures for detection.

  • Water resources: Monitoring water resource in both inland and in coastal zones for better management and resource use (including monitoring “blue carbon” and topics associated with aquaculture).

This joint research programme will be delivered through an international partnership between UK and Australia, with the STFC representing UK (see attached) supported by the UK/Australia Space Bridge. We are seeking to identify organisations who would be willing to join this programme to deliver impacts and benefits to both nations. This joint activity will be in the form of a research call to fund/support projects that meet the objectives and needs of each organisation. Projects funded through this activity will be selected through an open peer review process, whose scope will be decided between the international partners and then monitored through an international governance panel. Space science and technology can provide key solutions to our existing global agricultural challenges.

By developing projects that embed the key benefits of space research with interdisciplinary research and innovation expertise from both the UK and Australia, we hope that it will be possible to address one of the greatest threats to humanity: providing food and water security in a changing climate